Friday, June 11, 2010

Natural Spring Park in Ji'nan Shan Dong, China

These photos were taken in a Natural Spring Park in Ji'nan. There are more than 100 natural springs in Ji'nan, this park is well-known because you can see the bubbles coming up in the lakes. Before it was a park, it belonged to an emperor, the garden has very old plants, art and design at every corner, with also a pair of swimming seals in one of the springs!

Futurist-looking design with bright daring colors.

Roofs layering on top of one another.

Screen in the foreground with Berberis shrubs in the middle and a sculptural rock on a pedestal in the background.

Wisteria with a modern-looking design screen.

Different patterns created by awning tiles used as window screening.

Vase-Shaped Door way, most doorways are different shapes.

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